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Breast Augmentation Before and After Pictures in Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Michael Schwartz of Pasadena is a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon that performs breast augmentation on patients located in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities in California. To schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Schwartz, contact our office.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgical procedures performed around the world. It can be used to correct a number of issues, including asymmetry, loss of volume, sagging, and disproportionate breasts. Through the use of saline or silicone implants, Dr. Schwartz can alter the contour, shape, and size of your breasts. He will also work with the pre-existing tissue to help develop a natural, more youthful appearance.

During your consultation, Dr. Schwartz will discuss your options as well as your personal desires, needs, and expectations to help you best achieve your preferred results. Our gallery of breast augmentation before and after pictures highlights results Dr. Schwartz has provided for real patients in Pasadena.


Breast Augmentation, Case 1, Silicone 275cc

This 24 year old female wished to have breast augmentation that would give her a full B cup from the A that she started with, and did not want to look too large or dramatic for her 5’4″ frame. We used an inframammary approach, and placed Mentor smooth round 275 cc moderate plus silicone gel implants. She is shown one year postop.

Breast Augmentation, Case 2, Silicone 375cc Left, 350cc Right

This 54 year old woman had always wanted breast augmentation but waited until her 50’s to proceed. She had 3 pregnancies and was moderately deflated in the upper poles. The breast were asymmetric with the right nipple areolar complex lower than the left. The right breast was larger than the left as well. We used Mentor smooth round moderate plus silicone gel implants in the subpectoral plane, on the right, 350cc and on the left, 375cc. In order to make the nipple areolar complexes more symmetrical, a right periareolar (donut) lift was performed as well. The patient is shown 12 months postop.

Breast Augmentation, Case 3, Saline 320cc Left, 370cc Right

This 56 year old female had put off breast augmentation and now decided after children were grown that she would proceed with surgery. She was not concerned with cup size but wanted to be filled out where pregnancy had deflated the breasts, while maintaining a natural appearance. We performed bilateral periareolar (donut) lift with placement of Mentor smooth round saline implants in the subpectoral plane. The breast were asymmetrical and the right was filled to 370cc, the left to 320cc. She is shown 2 years postop.

Breast Augmentation, Case 4, Silicone 450cc

This 25 year-old lost weight and wished to have increased volume in the breasts. She is shown before and after placement of Mentor smooth round moderate plus 450cc silicone gel implants placed in the subpectoral plane through a periareolar incision.


Breast Augmentation, Case 5, Saline 330cc

This is a 23 year-old patient who had placement of Mentor 330cc high profile saline implants filled to 330cc on each side. These are subpectoral, placed through a periareolar approach.


Breast Augmentation, Case 6, Silicone 310cc

This is a 44 year-old woman following 2 pregnancies who felt her breasts were deflated and wished to have a natural augmentation. She had placement of Mentor smooth round moderate plus implants under the muscle, through a periareolar approach. Both sides are 300cc filled to 310cc.

Breast Aug, Case 7, Saline 300cc

Breast Augmentation, Case 8, Silicone 450cc

Breast Augmentation, Case 9, Saline 280cc Left, 290cc Right

Breast Augmentation, Case 10, Silicone 375cc


The breast augmentation procedure has evolved extensively over the years, and it is possible to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. Michael S. Schwartz, MD of Pasadena, California, is dedicated to providing patients of Los Angeles and the surrounding communities with quality care and attention.




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