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Body Lift


Have you experienced signifcant weight loss and have excess skin that remains? Do you want to improve the contours of your body? A body lift can tighten, tone and remove excess skin from the body. Michael Schwartz, M.D., is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery who offers the body lift procedure to men and women who live in and around Los Angeles, Pasadena and the surrounding communities of California.

What is a Body Lift?

A body lift procedure is ideal for men and women who have undergone significant weight loss and/or undergone bariatric surgery. If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, it is understandable that you want to feel good about your hard work and dedication. However, many people are left feeling insecure about the large amounts of excess skin that can result. The body lift targets the lower body and torso, which can have much of the excess skin resulting from extreme weight loss. The body lift removes excess skin using incisions carefully placed on the body to target your most troublesome spots.

What is the Body Lift procedure?

The body lift procedure is done using a belt-like incision on your midsection. The exact placement of the incision will depend on your proportions and body type. Typically, Dr. Schwartz places the incision along the panty line to minimize any visibility of the incision itself. After the incision is made, Dr. Schwartz will pull the skin taut along the thighs, buttocks, waist and tummy. Excess skin will be removed and fat pockets will be suctioned out before Dr. Schwartz closes the incision.

How is recovery following a Body Lift?

After a body lift, it is normal to take time for yourself to heal properly. After 72 hours, you may begin to shower and gradually introduce daily activities into your routine. We will go over specifics regarding how to plan for a body lift and plan for your recovery period at your initial consultation. We keep your comfort and convenience at the center of all body lift treatment planning.

Am I A Good Candidate for a Body Lift?

A candidate for a body lift understands that weight loss is about feeling and looking good inside and out. A strong candidate for a body lift is someone who maintains a healthy lifestyle, stable weight and has significant amounts of skin to remove. If someone that has experienced weight loss has fat to remove, liposuction may be recommended in conjunction with or prior to a body lift. If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, but are unhappy with the resulting sagging skin or excess fat, schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz. At your consultation, Dr. Schwartz will determine your candidacy and the best treatment plan for you.

How Much Does a Body Lift Cost in Pasadena, CA?

The cost of a body lift is dependent upon the amount of correction needed in terms of excess skin and fat. The cost of your body lift procedure will be determined at your initial consultation. Because body lifts are not likely to be covered by your insurance provider, the office of Dr. Michael Schwartz offers financing through Alphaeon Credit, Prosper® Healthcare Lending, and CareCredit®. Our office accepts cash, personal checks and credit cards as payment for body lift procedures.

Have you experienced dramatic weight loss? Do you have excess skin and fat? If you live in or around Los Angeles, Pasadena or the surrounding communities of California, please contact board-certified facial plastic surgeon Michael Schwartz, M.D., a diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a personal body lift consultation.


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