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Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures in Los Angeles, CA


Women who suffer from pain or posture issues due to pendulous or oversized breasts can benefit from a breast reduction from Michael Schwartz, MD. Residents of Los Angeles and Pasadena may contact Dr. Schwartz’s office to schedule a consultation.

Many women with large breast can find that they are uncomfortable, result in back, should and neck pain. They may be disproportionate to your figure and make it hard to feel comfortable shopping for clothes and lingerie. Through a breast reduction surgery, Dr. Michael Schwartz can reduce the size of your breast while reshaping the delicate tissue to ensure a natural, proportionate size is achieved. When performed by a qualified professional such as Dr. Schwartz, the procedure is virtually bloodless and can results in very minimal scarring.

Feel more comfortable in your own skin! A breast reduction can relieve some chronic back pain and make it easier to find clothes that fit. If you are interested in viewing the results of other patients of Dr. Schwartz’s office in Pasadena, feel free to browse through our before and after gallery.


Breast Reduction, Case 1

This 55 year old female had severe back and shoulder pain and wished to have breast reduction. She was asymmetric with the right breast larger than the left. Her bra size was 40G and she wished to be a C/D cup size. She is 5’8″ and did not wish to be too small. A vertical reduction mastopexy was performed using a medial/superior pedicle. She is shown 8 months postop.


Breast Reduction, Case 2

Breast Reduction, Case 3

Patients interested in breast reduction surgery who reside in Los Angeles, Pasadena or the encompassing neighborhoods in California should contact Michael Schwartz, MD to schedule their personalized consultation with Dr. Schwartz.



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