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Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures in Los Angeles, CA


Expert otolaryngologist Michael S. Schwartz is a board-certified facial surgeon and diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. He specializes in facial procedures such as rhinoplasty. Dr. Schwartz serves patients in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and the neighboring communities.

It is not uncommon to be unhappy with the shape or size of your nose. Rhinoplasty is among one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. Dr. Schwartz has performed countless nose jobs on patients who were self-conscious or unsatisfied with their original nasal structure. A rhinoplasty can correct noses that are crooked, misshaped, or disproportionate. Dr. Schwartz works with the contour of your face to recreate the bridge, nostrils, or tip of the nose to help each patient achieve their desired results.

To view the results of rhinoplasty procedures as performed by Dr. Schwartz, please view our before and after photo galleries.

Rhinoplasty, Case 1

This woman in her 20’s desired subtle refinement of the nose with decreased projection of the nose and refinement of the tip.

Rhinoplasty, Case 2

Rhinoplasty, Case 3

A 25 year old woman who wished to have a refined and reduced nose. These photos are four months postop.

Rhinoplasty, Case 4

This 28 year old female is tall and wanted a natural elegant nose that would not look “done” or “operated.” The nose was reduced and the tip refined. This result is at 6 weeks postop. The nose is swollen and in the next few months the skin will contract over the new cartilage framework.

Rhinoplasty, Case 5

Rhinoplasty, Case 6

Rhinoplasty, Case 7

This 30 year-old female desired a reduction in her nose with refinement of the tip, while maintaining a natural unoperated look.

Rhinoplasty, Case 8

Rhinoplasty, Case 9

This is an 18 year old male who felt his nose was too large and wanted a subtle reduction. It is important to keep the bridge high enough so that the nose looks natural and not “done.” In addition, the tip was moved back toward the face to match the new bridge and add to a natural unoperated look.

Rhinoplasty, Case 10

Rhinoplasty, Case 11

Rhinoplasty, Case 12

This patient wanted to maintain the shape of her nose and the feel of her original nose while reducing the projection and refining the nose. The bridge was reduced, the tip retro-displaced, the columella elevated and the tip refined as well.

Case 13


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