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Dr. Michael Schwartz always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 46 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Michael Schwartz below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Janine R.
Submitted 09/11/19
Dr. Schwartz and team are amazing people and did a excellent job. Very happy
Rosalbina J.
Submitted 08/28/19
Dr. Schwartz and staff very professional.
Yvette P.
Submitted 08/20/19
Dr. S is the best!
Shannon G.
Submitted 08/16/19
I first met Dr Schwartz two years ago when I came to him with a former breast augmentation by another doctor that was done years prior. I was having a capsular contracture developing in one breast. Plus I was very unhappy with the large size. Dr Schwarts performed a reduction and lift with new implants. I now have the breasts I’ve always dreamed of! I came back again in 2019. I have 3 teenage children and it was time for my next phase of my mommy makeover. Dr. Schwartz performed an abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and Vaser Liposuction on my abdomen, flanks and back. Recovery was quick for me and with very little discomfort. My experience has been INCREDIBLE! He has brought my CONFIDENCE back and I cannot thank him enough. Dr. Schwartz is so KIND and CARING. He always listens to every word you say and addresses all your concerns. I would, hands down, recommend anyone looking to have a makeover to trust Dr. Schwartz and his staff. They are nothing short of amazing! -Shan
Casuandra A.
Submitted 08/16/19
Dr. Schwartz was PHENOMENAL. He had the patience that all patients deserve. He genuinely cared about my concerns and issues. I'm so very happy I got an opportunity to meet him and I'm excited about my surgery.
Sharon L.
Submitted 07/30/19
Dr Michael Schwartz is an amazing plastic surgeon, and is well know for his surgical treatment of Lipedema. He is patient and extremely thorough in explaining procedures pre and post surgery; and actually listen to his patients! Cristina is so special and works tirelessly in providing knowledge and support throughout the entire process (making my travel out of state pleasant). Before having surgery with Dr Schwartz, I had 3 surgeries with another well known lipedema surgeon. He hardly removed any fat at all so of course, the lipedema grew back rapidly. I had to have surgery again but I wanted to make sure the surgeon I selected would aggressively take out as much lipedema fat as he could while making my safety a priority. I have had 2 surgeries with Dr Schwartz, and the Lipedema and cosmetic results are incredible! Dr Schwartz accomplished more in 1 surgery than my previous doctor did in 3 surgeries. No more depression and a renewed excitement for life... Dr Michael Schwartz and Cristina Corral have saved my life!
Lesley G.
Submitted 07/29/19
Dr. Schwartz changed my life! I was starting to lose my mobility because of lipedema. We spoke to several surgeons and Dr. Schwartz, by far, was the most compassionate. He was very professional but yet we (my husband and I) felt like a part of the family as soon as we were welcomed. I had lipo done on my legs, torso and arms. That was 3 years ago and I am happy to share that I am still amazed when I see the change in my body. My mobility and quality of life were forever changed for the better. The team who works with him are all top notch. I felt so taken care of from start to finish. I came from Tennessee to California just for him and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Ann Margaret C.
Submitted 07/22/19
I have struggled with my weight for years. In particular my legs and the stubborn fat I just could never lose no matter how much I tried. I did everything, from diet to workout regimes and none of them helped. I watched other women around me and just thought that’s it - I’m never going to have legs like that. But then I started doing research and found the work of Dr Michael Schwartz and everything changed. All of a sudden I wasn’t abnormal, I wasn’t the only girl with legs that couldn’t fit into cute outfits. There was a name for what I had, a reason for my pain, both physical and emotional. The cause was Lipedema.  With the love and support of my family, I finally made the step to have surgery. My first Vaser Liposuction was on the front of my legs. That was only a little over a month ago but already I am a new person. I can feel it physically in my legs but perhaps more importantly, mentally I feel like I have changed. The stigma and negativity I felt about my body for 20 plus years is over. I’m looking forward to a brighter tomorrow where I love myself and my new body.  Dr Schwartz made that possible. From listening in the early stages, to being incredibly skilled during the procedure, through to being amazingly involved in my after care - he has helped me find myself again.  I still have a long way to go. As I’ve only had one of a few surgeries I expect to have, but I know I have nothing but brighter days to look forward to with Dr Schwartz by my side. I also want to give a shout out to his amazing office staff who all have a heart of gold.
Tracy S.
Submitted 07/20/19
I can't even explain how this team of awesome people have changed my life! Dr. Michael Schwartz took out 31 pounds of lipedema fat out of my legs. I feel and look like a new person. My friends can't keep up with me. Dr. Schwartz would call me personally to check on my as well as assistant Cristina. Their MLD massage angel was Rocio and she was amazing too! Trinity aftercare's entire staff was incredible, Stay there it's worth every dime! Ruby was a sweetheart and so caring too as well as the anesthesiologists. Dr. Schwartz is a gifted surgeon. His staff is fantastic. I love how my life is changed, thank you everyone involved in my new life. Xoxoxo
Kimberly H.
Submitted 07/19/19
I have had two Vaser liposuction surgeries for Lipedema with Dr Michael Schwartz. I absolutely love this doctor for his caring and gentle demeanor. He and his staff were very helpful. Doctor explained the procedure, the recovery and made my husband and I feel at ease. Cristina was available for questions and both were in frequent communication with me after surgery. I look forward to returning to Dr Schwartz for additional surgeries. I could tell afterwards that he was gentle with my body during both surgeries which is important to me.
Lynnette A.
Submitted 07/19/19
I was diagnosed in 2015 with Stage 2 Lipedema, Dercums, EDS and Secondary Lymphedema by Dr. Karen Herbst. At that time surgeons were scarce in the US and I chose to have 3 Full body Vaser procedures in 2016 with a different surgeon in California, because I had not heard of Dr Micheal Schwartz at the time of my decision. Unfortunately, my Lipedema accelerated within 8-10 months post-op. I needed to have revisions with more surgery, and sought the consult of Dr Schwartz and his team due to his increasing presence, knowledge and increasing positive surgical outcomes with treating Lipedema. I traveled from the mid-west for a consult and knew that Dr Schwartz and his team were the ones to help me successfully handle this revision on my full arms, legs and abdomen. My Vaser experience and outcome was night and day in comparisons. I am almost 1 year out from my revision surgeries with Dr Schwartz, and I have no reoccurring Dercums nodules or reappearance of Lipedema in any of the areas he performed Vaser. Their staff from scheduling to surgical technicians, anesthesiology, recovery, aftercare and post-op are amazing. I would do it all again, but I don’t think I’m going to have to!! Thank you for helping me combat Lipedema and Dercums! I have my active life and my energy back!
Dori Z.
Submitted 07/18/19
I did a lot of research after I was diagnosed with Lipedema to find the right surgeon. Every post and review raced consistently raves about Dr Schwartz. After the consultation I was convinced he was the one. The pre and aftercare was exceptional. I didn’t feel like a number. I actually have to have another surgery and I will be going to Dr Schwartz for it definitely
Cristina C.
Submitted 07/18/19
In early 2015 I was diagnosed by Drs Emily Iker and Karen Herbst with Stage 2 Lipedema, secondary lymphedema, Dercum's Disease & MCAD (mast cell activation disorder). I have had previous liposuction from other surgeons which unfortunately did not address this painful disease. In fact it made it worse and it became unbearably painful. My mobility was impacted due to the pain. Disclaimer: I now work as Dr Michael Schwartz’s surgical coordinator. He has done 3 surgeries on me for my Lipedema and Dercum's and I am thrilled with the results. I no longer have pain and I have an aesthetic result which is the cherry on top! Surgery did not aggravate my Lymphedema...in fact it seems to have subsided. When patients come to see us I certainly relate to them very well having this awful disease. I have worked with other plastic surgeons- even ‘celebrity’ surgeons, and NEVER have I worked with a surgeon who is such a good, kind human being. As well, he is an incredibly skilled surgeon who truly cares about his patients wellbeing. That combination is a rarity in this industry. My before and after photos are on Yelp under my name as well as on his Facebook and Instagram page @michaelschwartzmd If you have Lipedema, I HIGHLY recommend surgery with Michael S. Schwartz, MD not because I work with him but because of the consistency of his Lipedema surgery results which are fantastic! Surgery by Michael Schwartz is the miracle we, who suffer from lipedema, can receive!
Anne G.
Submitted 07/17/19
Our hero, Dr.Michael Schwartz is an angel and absolutely the best Lipedema surgeon out there! Dr. Michael Schwartz and his entire team have went above and beyond since day one. There are no words to express how far they have gone for me and many others. Dr. Michael Schwartz has performed two surgeries on me and his kindness, attention to detail, and knowledge are cannot be compared. He truly just wants what's best for his patients. He consulted with a vascular to ensure my veins were taken care prior to my surgeries. He is the surgeon for Lipedema in the L.A. area. Pasadena is so quaint & scenic and I didn’t feel like I was in the hustle and bustle of L.A yet close enough to visit. A small town feel near the big city of L. A if you will. I consulted with another surgeon but I’m so grateful I chose Dr. Michael Schwartz. I want to express my gratitude to he, Cristina & his entire staff for the life changing experience. They truly are like family to me. My husband was also extremely pleased with Dr Michael Schwartz & his dream team!
Avigail A.
Submitted 07/17/19
I’ll begin by saying that I am one of Dr.Michael Schwartz number one fans! First and foremost he is an amazing human being. I love how he’s so easy to talk with and so understanding and empathetic towards his patients. Beyond that he is the most talented surgeon I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I had 2 revision Lipedema lipo surgeries with him. The first was a year ago and the second about 9 months ago. I was very skeptical after already having 2 previous surgeries that had little to no results! Dr.Michael Schwartz changed my life! I will forever be grateful, thank you Dr.S.
Priscilla M.
Submitted 07/17/19
I had a "Mommy Makeover"in August 2018. I can't begin to tell you how life changing it has been for me. Let me begin with the amazing staff. I always felt cared for before, during and after my surgery. Dr. Schwartz is knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring and honest. It's always pleasant seeing his warm smile, I knew he was the BEST doctor for me. The results are exactly what I had hoped they would be! My transformation has been a process but well worth it. It has almost been a a year and I continually see improved results as well as receive lots of compliments from friends and family. Bye bye baby tummy - Hello body of my dreams! Thank you Dr. Schwartz!
Karla L.
Submitted 07/17/19
In December 2017, I had silicone implant (gummy bear) breast augmentation (under the muscle) and periareolar lift with Michael Schwartz. He is a very caring surgeon who listened to all of my concerns during my consultation. His office staff is professional and knowledgeable. I love the results - even though they are implants they look natural which is what I wanted. My scarring is minimal and looks fantastic. I highly recommend going to Dr Schwartz for breast augmentation or breast lift.
Sue S.
Submitted 07/17/19
I have not felt this good in years! I had lipedema surgery with Dr. Schwartz last year. I had 31+ liters of fat removed in 4 surgeries from my legs, arms and torso. Dr Schwartz is very easy to talk with, is incredibly kind and empathetic. The care and follow up was second to none. Now that I am about 1 year out from my second surgery with Dr. Schwartz and 6 months out from my final surgery I have to say I couldn’t be more pleased. Actually I am ecstatic!! My mobility has drastically improved. Walking, exercising, simple day to day activities are so much easier. Sitting crossed legged on the ground, working in the yard, riding a bike, playing with my pups, all sooo much more enjoyable. Clothes fit better and I feel more normal. I can’t believe it when I see my reflection that it is actually me. When I try on clothes I no longer have to look for wide leg pants or large sleeves. Friends who I haven’t seen comment on how healthy I look and on my weight loss. Each day and week I continue to see improvements in my mobility, appearance and how my clothes fit. I had had 3 surgeries with a different, well known, supposed expert lipedema surgeon 3 years prior to my meeting Dr. Schwartz. Those surgeries were a dismal failure. There was no significant decrease in size and the lipedema came back with a painful vengeance. It was a big decision to jump back in and trust a different surgeon. It was and is the best decision I have made for my health and quality of life. Thank you Dr, Schwartz and your wonderful team!! -Sue S
J H.
Submitted 07/17/19
I have had 2 surgeries with Dr. Schwartz for Lipedema. He and his staff are superb! He is a knowledgeable, kind, respectful and experienced surgeon. This entire process from consultation, scheduling and surgery was smooth. I felt supported by the knowledgeable staff, anesthesiologist and surgeon . As a physician myself, I would not recommend any other surgeon for women considering surgery for Lipedema. The offices and operating suite were well maintained and sterile, helping to reduce risks from anesthesia, infection. And the RESULTS!! I am no longer in pain, no more heavy legs. -Thank you to Cristina and Dr. Schwartz
Marie C.
Submitted 07/16/19
I had several consultations with various surgeons and chose to have a lower face and neck lift procedure with Dr. Michael Schwartz. I made my choice based on his expertise and knowledge and truly believe he made me look younger without making me look different. The follow up with the staff is outstanding too. I highly recommend Dr. Schwartz!