Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back with a Breast Lift

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most beautiful accomplishments in life. During the 40 weeks of carrying a child, and even after they’re born, women experience many changes in their bodies -- including their breasts. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, you probably noticed a difference in the size, shape, and positioning of your breasts. 

Once you stop breastfeeding or after the baby has grown to about a year, many women notice their breasts don’t have quite the same perkiness as before. Luckily, a breast lift is a safe way to get back the round, high-sitting breasts you may have once had. Pasadena Plastic Surgery has been helping women gain confidence and get their pre-baby body back with a breast lift. 

What happens to your breasts during pregnancy

Body changes and pregnancy go hand in hand. Early on in your pregnancy, you may have experienced breast sensitivity followed by changes in your areola color. Many women’s breasts grow a cup size larger during pregnancy, as the milk ducts and mammary glands expand. You might have even noticed some stretch marks appearing on them, because of this size change. 

If breastfeeding comes into the picture, engorging — or swelling — of the breasts often happens, bringing some pain and discomfort. Sagging can happen as a result of all these changes, allowing the breasts to sit lower on the chest. However, most moms would agree the breast sagging is a small price to pay for their beautiful child.

How a breast lift works

A breast lift involves removing excess skin through a series of precise incisions, and reshaping tissue so the breasts sit higher up on your chest. The procedure doesn’t involve increasing your cup size, so it’s a great option for those who are looking for a more natural remedy to sagging breasts. 

Breast lifts are a great option for moms who are unhappy with the positioning of their breasts and are looking to gain some confidence back. Many patients who undergo a breast lift are pleased with their younger-looking cleavage and are happy to flaunt their figure in the low-cut tees and dresses they used to wear.

What to expect during a breast lift 

Michael Schwartz, MD makes one or several incisions on each breast, depending on your body and the degree of sagging. He might lay stitches deep within your breast tissue to reposition tissue, take out excess tissue to help lift your breasts, or gently shift nipples to a more desirable position.

Patients who have undergone a breast lift by Dr. Schwartz, praise his careful and natural approach, which leaves very minimal scarring. Overall, the entire procedure generally takes 2-3 hours and a majority of patients go home the same day. 

You can expect some bruising, swelling and redness following the procedure. We advise most patients to take off work for about a week to recover, and refrain from intense physical activity for 2-3 weeks. Immediately following the procedure, you’ll notice an improvement in the shape and positioning of your breasts.

Is a breast lift right for me?

Deciding to get a breast lift is an entirely personal decision. Many moms seek the procedure to help improve their self-esteem and give them a more youthful figure. If you’re unhappy with the droopiness of your breasts and seek a firmer, rounder appearance, a breast lift may be just what you need to feel sexy again. 

Most women who are in good health and can undergo surgery are great candidates for the procedure. However, the only way to find out if you’re eligible is by having a consultation with Dr. Schwartz. Call us at 626-822-3470 or book online to schedule your breast lift consultation today.

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