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The Many Benefits of VASERlipo® for Men

It’s not always easy, but you do your best to stay fit, strong, and healthy — you exercise most days of the week, eat a nutritious, mostly junk-free diet, and get plenty of sleep each night. For the most part, your perseverance has paid off: You feel great, you’ve got plenty of energy, and you’re never far off your target body weight. 

But if you’re like many men who watch what they eat and spend a considerable amount of time at the gym, you’ve learned through years of trial, error, dedication, and a lot of hard work even the cleanest diet and most targeted workout program can’t always give you the body you want.       

That’s where VASERlipo® comes in. This advanced, high-definition, 4-D liposcultping treatment offers a minimally invasive way to remove pockets of stubborn fat and create a high level of definition, so you can finally achieve the flawless, sculpted body you’ve worked so hard to get. Here’s what it can do for you.   

Slim, sculpt, and define

VASERlipo is an innovative form of liposuction that takes body contouring to the next level, or as some would say, to the next aesthetic universe. 

 Whereas conventional liposuction removes pockets of persistent fat to create a slimmer shape, VASERlipo meticulously removes very specific areas of stubborn fat to highlight the anatomical features that make your body look perfectly sculpted and well-defined.   

Think of it this way, standard liposuction removes that extra layer of persistent fat from your midsection, taking an inch or two off your waist and leaving you noticeably trimmer; VASERlipo gets rid of the same area of fat, but with a much greater degree of precision, drawing out your six-pack abs to leave you trimmer and flawlessly defined.      

Men who want to look their very best like VASERlipo because it can trim pockets of stubborn fat from just about any part of the body (abdomen, chest, flanks, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and neck), creating a more toned or “ripped” physique as desired. 

Minimally invasive, maximally precise 

Achieving a “cut” body that can otherwise only be attained through intense training is certainly a major benefit, but it’s not the only benefit VASERlipo has to offer men who are looking to get trimmer and improve their build. 

Another major benefit of VASERlipo is it’s both minimally invasive and ultra-precise. But what does that mean for you? It means you can expect a procedure that delivers incomparable results with minimal impact to nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. 

As a minimally invasive treatment, VASERlipo infuses the targeted fatty layer with tumescent liquid, then uses specialized ultrasound technology to break the fat cells apart with painless waves of ultrasonic energy. Once the pulverized fat cells are fully emulsified, Dr. Schwartz can easily suction them out with a slender cannula.  

With traditional liposuction, fat cells aren’t broken down in advance of suctioning, leaving you prone to increased tissue trauma. With shorter, hidden incisions and a gentler, more precise suctioning technique, VASERlipo virtually eliminates the problem of unintended trauma and promotes a speedier post-procedural recovery, too. 

Reveal your best body today

VASERlipo takes longer to complete than regular liposuction because it’s a more detailed and nuanced procedure that’s carried out in a highly individualized way. Dr. Schwartz doesn’t just consider which areas of fat to remove to achieve desired results, he considers how each area should be removed to create your best body, much like a sculptor with a fine and powerful tool. 

Although most patients notice significant skin tightening soon after the procedure, it takes an average of three weeks for the swelling to subside far enough to reveal your slimmer shape and more defined body. 

You can expect complete results, or the results you plan to maintain with your healthy lifestyle, to emerge four to six months after your procedure. And as long as you continue to exercise and maintain your body weight, those results should last for many years to come.  

So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to reveal your best body — let VASERlipo bridge the gap between your effort at the gym and your results. 

As a board-certified plastic surgeon who’s highly skilled in the science and art of VASERlipo, you’re in good hands with Dr. Schwartz and our team at Pasadena Plastic Surgery. To learn more, call our Pasadena, California, office today, or click online to schedule a consultation at any time. 

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