Botox® vs. Fillers – Which is Right for Me?

No matter how well you take care of your skin, signs of aging are eventually inevitable. While you can’t totally avoid wrinkles, there are options to make your skin look fresher and healthier, and take years off your face. There are a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments available to treat wrinkles, and two of the most popular are Botox® and fillers. Wondering which is right for you? Here’s some information about both to help you choose the treatment that best suits your needs.


Botox® is an injectable protein that essentially freezes the muscles that cause wrinkles and lines. Botox® is effective for treating less severe fine lines around the forehead, between the eyes and on the temples. The results of Botox® treatment lasts around four months. Many young patients choose Botox® as a preventive step against aging, or get the treatment when they first notice fine lines appearing on the face. After Botox® injections, there is no downtime and few side effects, except for minor bruising and swelling.


Fillers or facial implants are made of silicone rubber and are inserted into your face to enhance your face’s natural structure. Fillers can combat deeper lines and wrinkles around the cheeks, lips and jaw, and can have a significant effect on the shape of your face. The procedure rejuvenates your face by adding volume to areas that may have fallen flat over the years. The placement and structure of the facial implants are totally customizable to fit your face and the area(s) you wish to enhance. The most common areas are the jaw, chin and cheeks. Fillers have a longer life than Botox® and can last anywhere from six months to two years.

Are you searching for facial rejuvenation to take years off your face? Offering a variety of both surgical and non-invasive procedures, Dr. Michael Schwartz can help you look your best with facial cosmetic surgery. If you’re interested in enhancing your appearance, contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment.

Dr. Michael Schwartz Dr. Michael Schwartz specializes in state-of- the-art cosmetic surgery of the face, including plastic surgery of the face and neck, eyelids, nose, breasts and body. He performs liposculpture of the face and body.

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