How to Get a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty (Aka Nose Job)

Your nose is one of your most prominent features  — your facial centerpiece, if you will. If you feel that your nose is off in some way, it can become a distraction and profoundly affect your self-esteem. 

Whether you’re not pleased with your nose’s size, crookedness, prominent bump, or something else, we can help. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Michael Schwartz, MD, works magic because his skill not only remedies your problem, but corrects it subtly so you still look like you. 

Reasons for rhinoplasty vary

Our patients don’t always get rhinoplasty — also known as a nose job — because they don’t like the look of their nose. Sometimes a breathing issue, a sinus problem, or an injury sends them to Dr. Schwartz for nose surgery.

At our Pasadena Plastic Surgery practice, we also help you if you’ve had rhinoplasty that you’re not pleased with. In addition to many routine rhinoplasty procedures, Dr. Schwartz corrects problematic issues from a previous rhinoplasty surgery, otherwise known as revision rhinoplasty. 

Fortunately, Dr. Schwartz’s experience and expertise enable him to perform rhinoplasty procedures that are safe and successful, whether you seek relief from a physiological issue or a cosmetic correction. 

The key to successful rhinoplasty: Keeping things real

Rhinoplasty isn’t something you rush into. Dr. Schwartz believes that careful preparation increases your chances of being pleased with your rhinoplasty results. When you come to our office, he:

If you want a change that Dr. Schwartz feels will look unnatural or not harmonize with the rest of your features, he is open with you about that and offers suggestions. Being on the same page with your surgeon is one of the most critical elements of rhinoplasty, apart from the surgery itself. 

What can I realistically expect from rhinoplasty?

The fact that you have a new nose should be imperceptible to most. After successful rhinoplasty, you can expect:

No matter what goals Dr. Schwartz sets with you, one of his primary aims is that your face doesn’t scream “I changed my nose!” Rather, he seeks to make your nose complement your unique features.

See what is possible

To get an idea of Dr. Schwart’s level of mastery, take a look at the before-and-after section on our website. It shows examples of many types of changes that are possible. Next, call our office or request an appointment online to discuss your hopes with Dr. Schwartz.

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