SculpSure First FDA-Approved Non-Invasive Laser Treatment for Fat Reduction

You’ve tried dieting and exercising but you can’t seem to lose that stubborn belly fat and love handles. We have been doing Smartlipo(TM) laser lipolysis and liposuction for years but many people would rather not undergo those procedures. Coolsculpting(TM) has been freezing the fat into a hard lump that is painful and requires post treatment massage. That treatment takes up to one hour for each area. The new SculpSure(TM) from Cynosure(TM) is a laser device that rests on the skin and delivers laser energy to the targeted fat areas, permanently destroying fat cells that are then metabolized by the body. Each treatment reduces fat volume in that area by 22-24% and it takes 2-3 months to see the results, which is quicker that the six months it takes to see Smartlipo results. Each treatment takes 25 minutes and causes minimal and very tolerable discomfort, with no pain afterward! One can return to normal activity and exercise the same day.

SculpSure is the first FDA-approved hyperthermic laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis. Utilizing patented technology, SculpSure directs targeted laser energy to the desired areas of unwanted fat. The laser light energy causes disruption of the fat cells that are then metabolized and removed by the body. The procedure does not require any topical or local anesthesia, and consists of multiple cycles of heating and cooling so that there is minimal discomfort during the treatment.

We treated our first five patients this week including myself. I have had no discomfort afterward and resumed swimming the evening of the treatment and daily exercise since the treatment. There are many options for weight loss and fat reduction but for those looking for a quick non-invasive solution for fat reduction of the abdomen and flanks, SculpSure offers the latest technology. We are offering SculpSure at our new Skin Deep Body Medspa at 960 East Green St., Suite 101, Pasadena, CA., and at Skin Deep Laser Medspa in Corona del Mar at 2737 East Coast Highway.

Dr. Michael Schwartz Dr. Michael Schwartz specializes in state-of- the-art cosmetic surgery of the face, including plastic surgery of the face and neck, eyelids, nose, breasts and body. He performs liposculpture of the face and body.

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